so this is what a $326 anthurium looks like....

bihai(zone 9)October 23, 2007

This is an example of what one of the high priced Anthuriums going for big bucks on eBay looks like. Currently the bid for a plant about the size of my infant is up to $326. To me, its a cool plant, but if I had not gotten it for $25, I probably wouldn't have bought it. I purchased this plant from Ecuagenera a year ago, and it has tripled in size. This species (A. reflexinervium) is found naturally only in one place in Peru and typically (from what I have read on the International Aroid site, anyway) grows on rocks (epilyth) in a lot of sun. Since I wanted to keep mine mobile, I put it into a treefern basket with lava rock, aliflor and some orchid mix. It's done very well. Hopefully someday it will flower and seed and I can try to grow some from seed, that will be cool. I am already trying to grow some A. gracile and a few other anthuriums from seed.

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I whole heartedly agree. But a discussion on the Aroid l board yesterday pointed out very well the market will simply bear what the market will bear. If people in one part of the world are willing to pay way more than a plant is worth, well, that's just "show business". But it is certainly a strange phenomenon.

Apparently this same "phenomenon" has swept that part of the world before. They've often gone crazy over obtaining common plants while paying extremely high prices we'll likely never understand. Just stand out of their way until it is over! And it will end!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Yep, as long as people are selling correctly identified plants and the free-market is willing to grab them up for silly prices that is OK.....not sure why they do it, but people will pay just goofy prices. There is an Anthurium selling for over $3K on ebay from one of the absolute best people to deal with in the world....more power to her, but I can not fathom spending that sort of money on any plant and I have surely spent too much money on plants in my wife will confirm that by the way :o) Dan

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Haven't we all???

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I want a $3k anthurium, at least to sell! I don't want to buy one though....LOL

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