Syngonium-like plant and shingler in Ecuador id?

woodnative(6)October 20, 2010

In the jungles of Ecuador, east of the Andes I commonly saw plants that look very much like Syngonium.....arrowhead type leaves on a philodendronish stem. Juvenile leaves had some silvery patterns in them. Any idea to identifcation?

I also saw a lot of a shingle type plant....leaves one to two inchess long, simple, and hugging the stem. I assume this is the juvenile form of some Monstera??

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I showed your photo to Dr. Tom Croat of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Tom wrote the most recent Revision of the genus Syngonium. This was his response:

"It is indeed a Syngonium but I don't know it specifically. It is likely to be a juvenile form, perhaps even of S. atrovirens."

The problem is that species is not known to appear in Ecuador abd us primarily found in Central America. You may have discovered a new species or a specimen not previously known to exist in that country. Every time Tom goes collecting in Ecuador he comes back with at least 25 new species not known to science and currently has a backlog of some 500 plants to be published.

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