Amorph Titanus Newbie..Help

JedH(9a FL)October 1, 2005

OK..first time on here, and new to this, but was bitten by the aroid bug on a very large scale, and am expecting a delivery of this Stinky Giant. Can anyone with experience in Aroids, instruct me how this 3" newbie should be planted..Soils, watering, feeding...Is a terrarium recommended while young..Etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated..Again new gardener and I hope you botanical experts do not take points away for spelling and/or gramatical errors :>)

Thank you in advance,


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hi Jed,

Well, no points deducted here. Hopefully someone from down south will help you out as your climate is soooooo different from mine and I personally have decided that for the most part people giving advice to us northeners from FLA is next to useless because potting requirments are so differnet...the same is likely for my advice since I can not grow like you can. Anyway, I've only got 15 of them and I grow mine inside as they are only 18 months old from seed and so are not that large yet (the biggest is 2.5 feet tall). I grow them on a heat mat at all times to keep them warm. I was actually astonished when I measured the temp under the pot with a thermocouple and found that it was well over 100 degrees!!! I grow them in a mix of pine bark, turface, and charcoal (2:2:1) and then only water when they are really dry on top and down atleast an inch...about every 3-4 days. Every time I water I use 50% 15-30-15 fertilizer as they are very heavy feeders and you want the tuber to get large as fast as possible. If you are getting a 3" diameter tuber that will produce a rather large plant that could be as much as 3 feet tall and so is likely way too large for a terrarium!! They love heat and humidity so if you can keep them above 70 all the time I think it will be very happy and then during your incredibly long summer let them swelter in the humidity and watch them take off!!! They would not want full sun in your zone I wouldn't think and would prefer a lot of shade with bright light. This species has no clear dormancy and must be grown all year long. The tuber must remain potted at all times. When it goes dormant unpot and put in new potting mix and then what I do is water maybe once every 10 days or so to just keep the mix a tiny bit moist at the level of the tuber. I've had only 3 go dormant and re-emerge so far and it has been very easy (knock on wood). I do not water these as much as my hewitii (another giant species)....this one gets water every day under identical conditions and even when dormant it gets watered maybe every 3rd day to keep it quite moist and I've had maybe 50 of these re-emerge from dormancy. Anyway, I hope you have great luck with this beauty and if someone from FLA chimes in that will help a lot :o) Dan

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