Azalea Blight treatment

bluebird1989June 6, 2014

My azaleas have blight and gall. I've read that the treatment is to spray fungicide. Can I mix the concentrate in a 32 ounce spray bottle? I don't want to use anything larger.
I only have three azaleas to treat.
One of my rose bushes stopped budding so it might have spread to the roses.
My rhododendron had one flower and has no other buds. I suspect the fungus has spread there too?
The azaleas are at the front entrance to my house, so I'm going to have to very carefully cut off the affected branches and throw them away, and be careful not to let the debris get walked into the house.
Any suggestions are appreciated. We are in central New Jersey/Jersey Shore. L.

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Azalea leaf gall is pretty much limited only to evergreen azaleas - and only certain varieties at that. I have never heard of it affecting any rhodies and there is no chance that fungal pathogen would bother roses. It also does not tend to be a very serious issue - more cosmetic than harmful so you really do not need to go to any more effort to control than pruning off and destroying the affected stems.

Not sure what you mean by "blight" - the only time I've heard the term 'blight' applied to either azaleas or rhodies was with 'petal blight' (primarily on azaleas). Again, not a particularly serious issue - just pick off and destroy affected blossoms.

btw, inadvertently bringing inside any of this infected plant material is NBD. Can't possibly hurt you or your pets and plant diseases are for the most part extremely host specific.

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Hi Gardengal48,
Thank you for your response. Yes, I did mean to say petal blight. Glad to hear that petal blight and leaf gall are not too serious and that plant diseases are host specific and won't affect the family or dog.
Any suggestions regarding the rhododendron which had only one beautiful purple flower and now has no buds?

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Petal blight tends to be weather related. Warm, wet conditions encourage it, so it may not reappear next year without any treatment at all. As for the rhododendron, if it set flower buds last late summer/early autumn which then failed to open, the unusually cold winter of 2013-2014 is likely to blame. If it did not set any flower buds, there are several possible causes: too little sun, not mature enough, newly planted so most growth is vegetative, nutritional deficiency. At this point in the year, leaf buds have already expanded into new leaves and flower buds have yet to form, so it's perfectly normal to have no readily visible buds.

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