Plant ID needed, please

fawnridge(10A)October 24, 2013

I believe this is Alocasia tigrina but the leaves aren't as long and sharp as others I've seen. I thought it was A. zebrina at first, but mine is huge in comparison to every zebrina I've ever seen. The leaves are almost 2 feet long and stand 4 feet tall.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I'd go with A. Tigrina maybe tigrina's a confusing group of alocasia...

My zebrina, and most that I see, have slender leaves, that taper quickly...

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aroidgardener(9b/central FL)

Here's a site reference shot of a large Zebrina. I think that's what yours is. Very beautiful plant, by the way. Do you also grow Tigrina? Has much skinnier leaves.

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