my Thai giant...

grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)October 30, 2012

was planted in june, made it to 5 feet tall, with leaves 5 feet long!


and it made 2 short stolens with nice sized bulbils!

I didnt think it could do that, i had heard it was possible but the conditions vary and are a secret apparently.

I so stoked!

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no pics? mine is sitting happily in the basement putting out new leaves about once a month..the min. its safe its going back outside to attain its jolly green giant status..just curious do you grow it in part shade or full sun? Ive seen it done both ways with varying results

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great to see your posts grab !! :)
my thais usually get huge..sigh..this blaming the
extreme heat and dry air.. they didnt get very big..maybe
4 ft.. also..i put mine in full sun..usually they do fine there..but not this yr.. sigh..
my EE's that got some semi shade did great.. so..
again.. post some pics grab!!! :)

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

i was too stoked to be bothered with pics, i might pop em out later and snap a shot, any pic of the mother bulb would be unimpressive, ive still left too much green petiole on it for protection, this sittin in the bucket of waters freakin me out too much tho. i think im gunna plant in some really coarse mix and water it when dry, theres just something about a plant thats not growing much sittin in water that just feels bad to me.
I was told the secret to thai giant is morning sun, i was really afraid the spot i picked was too shady, even trimmed it up periodicly to get a few extra mins of sun. It was enough tho, that leaf is just so thin and it must take a tremendous amount of water and osmotic pressure to keep those big leaves upright and turgid. I just cant see much midday sun doing them any favors.
ive also been told that over fertilization is a problem with these guys, I wasnt aware that was ever a problem with EEs.
Im sure the dry air was a problem for you lomodor, but im sure that the heat was, here, this year we had a spell of the craziest hot weather ive seen! 103-107 with humidity under 20% for 3 days, then about another week over 100 with humidity under 40%. Unheard of here, all the EEs suffered except the ones that were in the same microclimate as the giant was. It was about 10 feet from the creek and in the shade. They all excelled in the heat and down in the valley of the creek it was humid, more so anyway. Alot of my EEs that got midday sun burned up, even with water. same spell cuased the mite outbreak too, they stayed off the giant.
Im wondering what to do for better wind protection, the spot i picked was great all year, until the weather shifted from the north and the wind just cut its leaves to bits.
any input on that would be great, i should have LOTS of castor bean seeds next year, i may be able to make some better wind screens, im going to try, but im not sure they can keep up with these monsters once the get crankin.
Ill also be trying some hydroponic EEs next year too as long as i can get to it, Ill probably do a thai giant, the c. violet stem that i have in abundance, as well as a few alocasia, odora and portora most likely... should be fun
Thanks for postin

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Here is a link that might be useful: my flickr

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castor bean works as a wind screen and also throws some shade. I have a mighty T rex plant that helps with that to but my spot is not that windy. I have some gunnera seeds I'm trying this year and if they grow like claimed they will provide a serious screen. use a little epsom salt to toughen the leaves up and they wont rip so easy. I also noticed my full sun plant had a real light/lime color to it as the shade one was the darker green like yours, guess thats normal. I recently looked at a thai here in KY that was over 12 ft tall with 6ft leaves so it is possible to get them that big here.

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great pics grab !!!
ya have to love thai giants..they arent really hard to
grow..its just if they get the wrong kind of treatment..
they show it..:( bummer.
even though mine didnt get very big.they sent out pups.. hoping for better weather next yr..
good thought on dry air brab..ive thought of putting some
kind of misters around the gardens..just to help out on that..
again super pics man !!!!

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