Overwintering inside suggestions

green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)October 9, 2012

I live in a zone 5 climate north of the border and we are nearing the end of our growing season very shortly.

I have been growing Alocasias and Calocasias over the summer.

Many of my plants are still in 1 gal pots which started as plugs.

Calidora, Nancy's Revenge, Jack's Giant, gigantea, Borneo giant, Mojito

I have some black stem and Lime Zinger that are planted in the ground

I tried searching in the forum for clear overwintering instructions for newbies.

I am familiar with overwintering Brugmansia - have an extensive collection.

Can anyone provide me with some direction

Jeff :)

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eclayne(Z6a, MA)

Hi green_thumb_guy,
Finding clear instructions is difficult because of all the variables and differing techniques involved. Here's my two cents, others techniques and opinions will differ.

Alocasia x calidora is a cross of A. odora x A. gageana. A. odora is evergreen per efloras FOC. I don't know about A. gageana so it's probably best to keep this one growing. I don't know if A. 'Borneo Giant' goes dormant or is evergreen.

Xanthosoma 'Lime Zinger' and the Colocasia you mention do go dormant.

The smaller the tuber, corm or rhizome the shorter the dormancy period they can survive. For smaller tubers I try to extend the growing period in the fall and start them early in the spring. Large tubers,... survive the 6 month dormancy.

Here's what I do.
Smaller plants in ground are dug and potted. I can grow all small potted into December by moving into sunny unheated porch in mid October and moving to basement (with lights) a few weeks latter. I water well before moving to porch then VERY lightly thereafter. By mid/late December I withold water and let them go dormant (DRY and as dark as possible). Late March/early April I move them to a warmer part of the basement with light, but still DRY. LIGHT watering/heavy misting a week or so later. When they SHOW NEW GROWTH I lightly water regularly but NOT BEFORE.

Larger tubers, ... I let dry and store in boxes in a cool, dark and dry location.

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Hey man
I just pot my taro up (that arent potted up anyways), and grow them on inside all winter. I have some alocasia ordora, and they do excellent in a very bright room. Plain ole Colocasia esculenta does well that way too. They get much larger if you let them grow over the winter, in my experience.

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