rhodo's got trampled :/

misobentoJune 17, 2013

So we have contractors repairing our front porch. I asked them to please 'mind the high-mainetence rhodos' in the front yard. They did a pretty good job, but some damage was unavoidable. these are fairly small (2ft x 2 ft or so) and lot of the branches did get broken off.....
will it survive and just be more....spindly? I am guessing the branches with no leaves will just die...

Hope they can be saved, I've been babying them for three years now, so I hate to see them in such a state.....:(

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

That's a shame - I've dug and moved rhododendrons (and other things) out of the way of contractors more than once, with this new home I have nothing of great value anywhere close to the house, just a few simple foundation plantings and I plan to keep it that way.

I'm almost as concerned about the 'trampling', if they were walking in and around the plants and their surface habit of roots.

As for broken stems and branches, it's best to go in with sharp pruners and make clean cuts where breakage happened. A sharp straight cut will not offer the same foothold for secondary disease or insect issues as torn or jagged breaks. If there are dormant buds in the areas of stem that are left below your cuts, those should respond by producing new growth. Mulch around the plants, keep them watered as is appropriate, and don't walk on them any more this year :) Then just wait, and see how they recover.

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