Too Late To Save This Azalea?

jessisokJune 16, 2011

I have two azaleas in part sun/part shade that I planted approximately 2 months ago. They've been fine since I planted them, but last week, one of them looked almost dead. I stumbled on some Miracle Gro for acid loving plants and used it on both azaleas. The half-dead azalea looks a million times better now. The one that was perfectly fine last week looks a million times worse. The leaves dried up and fell off and I'm at a loss for what to do for it.

My question is: is it too late to save this little guy? And if not, what can I do revive him?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer!


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Jessica, it's hard to say without seeing it or a picture, but it sounds like your new plant has dried out. What kind of water has it been getting, and if root bound when taken out of the pot to plant (many are), did you loosen up the rootball to allow roots to begin to establish out into the surrounding soil? It's possible with a tightly rootbound container grown plant to water, only to be moistening the surrounding soil and not the tight rootball itself.

Planting too deep can lead to decline too, the azaleas surface roots can't function deeply planted.

If it has dropped its leaves, looks dried up, you have nothing to lose - lift it out and check the rootball. Let us know what you find.

(Miracle Gro didn't cause the problem, but it didn't help either, you aren't describing a problem with nutrients/fertility. They need little in the way of fertilizer if any at all when grown in soil of average fertility and the correct ph. If you must fertilize, possibly look for HollyTone by Espoma....a better choice.
But again, fertilizer isn't your issue, don't fertilize a stressed-for-other-reasons plant.)

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