Dying Rhodie?

BrandyWine99(6A)June 30, 2012

I have a rhodie that was planted last year. It seemed to be doing well, but just today I noticed how sickly it had become. Many leaves are yellowing and falling off, and I notice that the stems are likewise yellowing. Is this a ph issue? The picture I have attached was from a few weeks ago, but I notice today that the yellowing is apparent in the picture. I did not notice it then.

The rhodie is planted in a eastern-facing exposure, part-sun. I think it is a Bessie Howell or Roseum (I forget which). I water less than I probably should, even though it has been hot, as I do not want to rot the roots. I tried to plant in a mound, but I think I didn't do enough. If I dug it up and replanted it, would that help?

I love this plant and do not want to lose it. :(


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It's perfectly natural for the oldest leaves to yellow and then fall and many rhodendron stems are naturally yellowish before they mature and become woody.

All in all, the picture seems to show a healthy plant. Deadheading the seed pods would be a good idea and some selective pinching would encourage bushier growth, if you want that.

Digging up and re-planting is an option, but doesn't really seem to be necessary.

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