Can these two share a bed with a rhodo?

sunnysideuphill(5)June 25, 2007

Living on a houslot in the woods in zone 5 SW New Hampshire, I have basically acid soil. I impulse bought two roses, 06 leftovers filling their pots, at Agway, Golden Celebration and Radiant Perfume, my only yellows. And yellow won't work in my existing pink/lavendar/fuschia rose garden, even if there were space. The yellow newbies really need new homes, either bigger pots for the ghetto or I start a new bed.

There is a quartercircle bed, tucked into an L-shaped corner of two level deck on the northwest side of the house. The corner is uphill from the curved edge. Lots of sun. In the back corner is a huge PJM rhodo that was just pruned back heavily. In the semicircle in front of it - lots of that invasive anemone sylvestris and a few huge violet clumps. I am thinking of spading out space in all the anemone for the two roses, leaving anemone between them and around the edges. The yellow roses won't really hit their stride until after the PJM is done, and in any case the hot PJM color will be ok with yellow. I have never done anything to the soil in this bed other than occasional compost. The acidloving rhodo is uphill from where the roses will be. So when I plant the roses, adding a bit of lime, (as I have had to do the big garden and other rosie spots) and maintain a fertilizer schedule that would be good for the roses, do I need to worry about the rhodo being "sweetened" to death?

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Not the way you describe it. Lime won't go up hill. The PJM has fairly shallow roots so even if the lime was below it, it probably wouldn't reach it. The lime shouldn't move. As long as the lime never reaches within a foot or two the drip line of the PJM, it won't affect the roots. The drip line is the shadow cast by the plant if the sun is directly overhead.

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