Should Calla Lily leave die naturally over the bulbs..

seeobrien(7 B)October 25, 2008

Do I cut down the current leaves on my calla lily plants or let them die naturally and leave them alone? The plants are in the ground and I never dig the bulbs up and bring them inside during the winter. I was thinking the green leaves on top now could die naturally and serve as a mulch/fertilizer for the bulbs below. What do you think? Carrie in Charlotte NC

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It doesn't matter. If you leave them on while they are green they will feed the bulb, but they don't look so good as the weather cools so many gardeners cut them back.

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

The longer you leave the leaves on, the more they feed the bulbs. If you want to cut them back, wait until the leaves turn very yellow.

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