amorph paeoni

btropical256(7a Philadelphia PA)October 28, 2005

Ok i have an amorphophallus paeonnifolius that shot up to about 5 feet this year. now we already had our first frost but i had it protected. what i am wondering is should i bring it inside until it desides to go dorment cause pretty soon frost will be happenning alot more like again tonight. Are amorph paeoniifolius like this sometimes. Its shows no signs of dormency. like my bulbifer and konjac they went dorment already. this is my first year with it so if you could help me that would be great.

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Wow - I am anxiously awaiting response as well. I love this amorph and want to try it in the ground here in my z7a. Everything I read about it reflects its hardy to zone 8. Do you have a nice microclimate in the location you are growing it? I have a nice backyard microclimate, so am really, really tempted to try it.

How large was the plant and/or tuber when you got it, B?


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I presently have two plants actively growing and though I won't probably won't see a frost here in So. California, it has dropped into the fifties at night and that should be cold enough to upset the plants. I am going to let them be and see what happens. I suspect that yours will get damaged by the frost and die down. I have heard of A. konjac surviving in the ground through a winter of snow. I would think a good layer of mulch would protect your tuber but I would highly recommend taking it up when it dies down. The extra moisture would potentially cause the tuber to rot. let us know what you do.

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btropical256(7a Philadelphia PA)

I know amorphophallus konjac is hardy i have them growing here allthough they are bigger if you take the bulb up for some reason.But should i just move the pot inside cause if it frosts it will damage the petiole and im sure its not ready to go dorment.

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