elephant ears, red growing out of bulb?

uniquetanner(7)October 18, 2013

I planted about 12 elephant ears this year, and there was one that I planted in a pot that never did anything. so a few weeks ago, I emptied the pot, and just laid the rootball on top of some old soil I had. well, about a week later, I noticed some green growing from the ball. so I covered it about halfway with more soil. This morning, I noticed more green, and there is like a red patch of flowers growing from the root ball? Has anyone ever heard of this? I can post pics if needed. and I am in zone 7 North Carolina.
What do I do with this now, that temps are getting a little colder?

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A picture would be helpful. But what you're describing doesn't sound like an EE. At a guess I'd say Hippeastrum (Amaryllis). EE's have tubers (think potato, sweet potato, etc.), whereas Hippeastrums are bulbs (think onion, etc.). And Hippeastrums do often come out in colder weather, although I don't know if your cold will be too cold for it or not.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I'll second that!
We need pics!
Doesn't sound like an EE!

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I'm sorry, it is pink growing out. here is photo

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)


Looks like 3 of em there, sorry...they smell nice atleast, not a total loss...

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Go into the bulbs forum on this site. There's people there who'll be able to help you.

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