Rhododendron JH?

amelieny1June 2, 2014

I purchased a plant labeled "Rhododendron JH" and was confident I would find information online on ideal location (full sun/parrtial shade) but have found very limited information. Could this be a "'Souvenir de J. H. Mangles' ? If so, any planting recommendations? Thank you

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How about Rododendron 'Joseph Hill'? It seems to be relatively common based on an online search. Or can you ask at the nursery where you bought it?

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Thank you! This one is already 2.5 - 3 feet tall, so it sounds like it may not be a Joseph Hill, since that one appears to be low growing (from a cursory read of a couple of sites). I know I should have asked, but its the NYBotanical Gardens gift shop and they were so busy. Perhaps I can call them sometime when they are less busy. Thank you.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

If this is a large leaf evergreen type, the siting conditions are almost universal for all of them

Best sites for these plants are a somewhat sheltered from wind location where they will receive dappled or morning, late afternoon sun. Avoid early morning winter sun - tends to heat the leaves and buds, allowing water to transpire while the roots are in frozen soil and cannot supply water to the leaves. Plant no deeper than it is growing in its nursery pot, and a little higher is fine. Mulch over the root zone when finished to cool the roots and conserve moisture, pay attention to water until fully established.

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Thank you very much. its actually a small delicate leaf

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