Anthurium crystallinum

pbunchOctober 5, 2008

I had a nice piece of luck today. We were down at the Medellin botanical gardens and found a nice Anthurium crystallinum in the associated nursery. For about US$ 8.50 we picked up a largish plant with 5 large leaves and a couple of new ones coming. I've been wanting one of these for years but did not want to try to baby one along in San Diego.

Happy, Happy...


Medellin, Colombia

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bihai(zone 9)

You will love it. Mine has leaves that are over 2 ft long and almost as wide. Its a really nice plant when it matures.

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I have already become quite fond of it. What I thought was a second new leaf is turning out to be an inflorescence.

I think I actually have three of these. My brother-in-law collected several small Anthuriums with similar leaves near the Rio Claro. He had them potted in a heavy mix and they sat around for years hardly growing at all. I repotted one into a coir:rice hull (1:1) mix several months ago and it threw a much larger leaf.

I was thinking it was a smaller, very slow growing species. At this point I'm thinking they are stunted Anthurium crystallinum. I guess time will tell.

Medellin, Colombia

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This plant is really neat! I'm watching the full development of a leaf for the first time. I did not realize they start out so small.

BTW is this plant a selfer?

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