a great rhododendron/azalea company

ensatagirl(6a Floyd VA)June 3, 2006

I have bought fall liners of 7 or 8 rhododenron from this wonderful company in Portland, OR, establisheed in 1926.

They sell fall liners for $5.00. They have hundreds of varieties; they should bloom in spring 2007. They also sell rooted (big root ball) rhododendrons and azaleas for $1.25 in spring. OR they will root your OWN rhododendron and azalea cuttings in their green houses over winter and return them to you for $l.00 each.

The only problem is that their on-line catalog has no photos. This is easily remedied by googling the names. I just write rhododendron on Google Image and add the various names one at a time, back spacing to the word "rhododendron"for each new name. Probably, most of you know that already.

The company is the Van Veen Nursery:

www.vanveennursery.com. Vickie is a very nice representataive of the company to talk to.

They are such a great buy; I am already making a list for my friend in Vermont. For her I will have to get rhododendrons which are hardy to -25 degrees. Here in Richmond, I can get them at a hardiness of -10 degrees (www.weather.com go to records and averages for your locality and you will find your extreme cold limit.) For people in warmer climates, you have even more to choose from.

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

You are entirely right about Van Veen Nursery, www.vanveennursery.com. It is one of the most popular nurseries among American Rhododendron Society chapters. Many order truck loads of rhododendrons for their members. Also, many have Vickie and her crew root plants for them. Her reputation is that she can even root a popsicle stick. The book Rhododendrons of America was written by Ted Van Veen, bless his sole. They are located in a very nice older part of Portland near Reed College and Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, which is a city park with an excellent rhododendron collection.

A couple other nurseries that are also very popular with ARS chapters are:

Rare Find Nursery, www.rarefindnursery.com, in New Jersey, founded by Hank Schannen. Besides having many rhododendrons and azaleas, Hank has many other plants that are hard to find. He has excellent descriptions of all plants and photos of most of them.

Greer Gardens Nursery, www.greergardens.com, in Eugene, Oregon, is operated by Harold Greer. Harold has excellent descriptions of most every rhododendron in the trade and sells all of them. His website is probably the most complete listing of rhododendrons and azaleas. He has photos of some plants.

Another good place to look up information on plants and has many photos is the American Rhododendron Society website, www.rhododendron.org.
ARS rhododendron data base
ARS azalea data base

The ARS also has a list of good nurseries :

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I just received back 20 rooted cuttings of Fragrans Affinity and Mary Flemiing that I sent to Van Veen last Fall. They all took and are doing fine. I agree that this is a good company. I have purchased rhododendrons from them in the past too.

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