Is this a Shingler??? What is it??

bihai(zone 9)October 16, 2006

I bought these 3 plants at a plant sale this weekend. The orchids (far left) is a Bulbophyllum, the plant in the middle in the shell is needing an ID, and the 3rd on the right was labeled Dischidia ruscifolia.

What is the plant in the shell? Is it also a Dischidia? If so, which one? Or is it a "shingler"? It seems to have bilateral roots coming off of each leaf set. Should I leave it hanging like that or let it climb up something?

Thanks for ANY help!

closer view of Mystery Plant

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Center plant sure looks to be a Dischidia to me , will do better on a mount it can cling to .
Mount to live long and prosper a KLINGON custom .. hehe

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bihai(zone 9)

Many thanks, Mr. Spock! I think I will snippet off a length to mount and leave a bit in the shell as well

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