aphids on amorphophallus tubers?!!!

handspeakboy(z7seattle)October 22, 2005

Ive recently found a good number of aphids attatched to many of my bulbs on the still pink exposed shoots. Each time I see them I scrape them off and a week later they are back.

Since the shoot is such a small area on the bulb it isnt hard at all to remove all the little buggers by hand. But, might anyone know a way to keep them from coming back ? Something that wont harm the tubers.


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Could these be fungi gnats? I use a Triazicide soil drench to fight this problem on growing plants during rainy spells here. If these are dormant tubers, I think spritzing with any kind of insecticide would be a better bet than the possibility of having eggs hatch and the feeding larvae turning the tubers to mush.


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