X. violaceum vs. X. violacea

queenb(z8b East TX)October 6, 2012

Is there any real difference other than the spelling?

Also, I have a Xanthosoma that I got some years back, but I'm not sure exactly if it's a blue taro or not. The leaves emerge on a purple stem, but the stems tend to lighten up as they mature. The petioles are green, as is the veining under the leaf, and the edge of the leaves have a dark margin, as do the edges of the stems where the new leaves emerge. It is in a semi-shady spot, so I'm wondering, maybe is it not getting enough sun?

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The "right" name is Xanthosoma violaceum. But that name is a synonym of Xanthosoma sagittifolium, so it's not really correct but it is a name that had been used previously. There is a lot of variability in these so it's expected there'd be differences in colouring. But more light should make it darker.

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