Coreopsis Moonbeam vs Zagreb

ego45(6bCT)June 25, 2008

I know I might open a can a worms here because I've heard quite opposite opinions about like or dislike of the colors of those two, but I DON'T CARE about color, I need your opinion on ease to grow and maintanance of one vs another.

They'll go in a front of the very long border (as edging plants) as a filler inbetween clumps of nepeta Walker Low and will receive sun from 7am till 1pm with not excessive, but ample water supply. Soil is somewhat loose, ammended, but not very rich clay. Mulched all year around.

Which one of them will be lowest maintanance and less picky plant?

Oh, one more question, while on a coreopsis subject, is C.grandiflora present interest to deers?

Thank you.

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Sorry. Thought I'm on Perennials Forum :-))

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

That's quite OK, it's been a little quiet here.

First, the color of Zagreb is a bit harsh to my eye, but I have the plants in my garden.

Zagreb beats Moonbeam hands down in my mild summer, wet winter beds. I'm growing both, Zagreb is rough and rugged in every sense - spread, fullness, repeat bloom, lower water requirements in my dry Aug/Sept. If it matters, Moonbeam is taller - but not as long lived for me ;)

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elufaduf(z6 Lehigh Valley)

This is my first year growing both in similar conditions to what you describe...although they get sun for most of the day.

I'd have to agree, the Zagreb are way more robust. I like the moonbeam too, but haven't made up my mind about them yet. They are splaying out at the base, whereas the zagreb are bushy, full, and look very happy. The Zagreb are definitely lower maintenance and don't seem to care if they never get water, whereas the moonbeam seem to dry out more easily.

Hope that helps!

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