Holy crap! konjac really grew!

tommyr_gwOctober 8, 2009

The 4 pound Amorph Konjac I posted in the gallery was dug out today. It's now 13 pounds! It was 7 inches across this spring, now 11 1/2"! WOW! Photos soon. She needs to dry off a little. This is my first year growing these.

With that said, I experimented. I had 2, 4 pounders the same size. The one I just mentioned was kept out in the open and got a lot of rain, etc. The other was kept under cover and got only watered by me. The one under cover maybe grew an inch bigger. No babies. The big one grew no babies either.

I also planted 2 nickle sized corms this spring and they are now tennis ball sized. One made 3 babies, the other none. Grown under cover.


Any insight appreciated! REALLY fun plants!

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I just dug mine up too. Totally a lovely and easy plant in cold zones like ours.

Not sure if I'm more into the leaf or the March giant flower.

tons of info at a site by Snow called snowsexotics.org or .com check both ways.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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paul_(z5 MI)

How odd ... My A. Konjac always pumps out a bunch of bulbs/corms

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My 4 pound, 7 inch across this spring/early summer:

The same 4 pounder NOW, 13 pounds, 11 1/2" across!

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