Colombian Aroid dentification

pitter_colOctober 30, 2005

Can anyone help me identify this plant which I found growing in "cloud forest at 6000'?


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It a type of Antherium. Nice shingle plant in the background.

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If you were in an area of high endemism, and the area has not been explored, it could be a new species of anthurium. Reminds me of Red Beauty, but the coloration is different. Larger photos will help in IDing it. You could also post this at the Aroid ID center where botanists have IDed plants there. Go to

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raymikematt(z7b SC)

I agree planty...nice shingler, probably Marcgravia sp. Cant help you on the Anthurium though.

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Thank you all. I'm just getting started at this.

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Here is a more complete photo of the plant:

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I've had the shingles, and they are not nice!

But, gorgeous plant photo and plant! There is another aroid forum site:, that you might try as well. If it is not an anthurium, you'll find out for sure because there are a lot of experienced people who grow anthuriums and philos on that site.

Beware - if it is a new plant - you will get them all excited and hysterical!


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I don't know the identification either, but I enjoy your photos. You are lucky to have such plants growing "in your backyard". I have been close to the Columbian border, in northwest Ecuador, and the area there is very beautiful and similar to your photo. Apparently many of the aroids (and other plants) in that region have not yet been scientifically described!! There is a lot waiting to be "discovered".

susanlynne- Great sense of humor!!

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raymikematt(z7b SC)

Didnt we trade Monsteras a few years back? Still looking for an ID on that little beauty. Email me when you get a chance.
Michael M.

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That is one of the most amazing pics of an Anthurium i have ever seen you can tell by flower it is an Anthurium, it must have been great to have been in amongst all that plant life and yes very nice shingle in pic too

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