Impeditum vs Moerheim

ebsterJune 30, 2008

I planted 5 Impeditum (2 gallon plants) two years ago, and they did fine during the growing season. However, last spring, most of them were looking very dried up. It came w/ a one year warranty, but I didn't want to dig them up - really like their looks and wanted to give them a chance to recover. As of this year, only one look decent. Two are gone and two only have some green in the tip of one small section. I saw some Moerheim in the store today. They look similar to the Impeditum and I was wondering if anyone has experience growing them. Are they hardier than Impeditum?

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

R. impeditum is a species that is hardy to -15F.
"One of the best dwarf rhododendrons, this species has a tight compact habit with attractive silver-gray foliage. Bright blue-purple flowers make a nice contrast. David G. Leach, in Rhododendrons of the World, suggests an excellent use for it: "This is an ideal species for the rock garden, in the forefront of a shrub border or as an edging for beds. Planted about 15" apart, a number of plants will grow together to form an impenetrable ground cover, handsome at all seasons and especially effective when such an expanse becomes a blanket of blue flowers."[Harold Greer]

Rcv. Moerheim is a impeditum hybrid that is also hardy to -15F. Buds appear on very young plants; flowers open a pretty shade of violet, about 1.25in wide. Small foliage turns maroon in the winter.

For a hardy semi-dwarf rhododendron my recommendation would be Rcv. Ramapo. It is hardy to -25F. It is a popular variety and should be available at better rhododendron nurseries.
"Plentiful pale violet flowers dance amid this bushy blue-green mat of leaves. At Greer Gardens we have all become fond of ÂRamapo for its pleasing foliage color changes throughout the year, especially favored are the dusty blue new leaves following a shot of growth. This hardy dwarf can be grown in sun or partial shade, although in full sun it will maintain a more compact form. It is well suited for use in a low border or rock garden. Outstanding!"[Harold Greer]

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