Question about Amorph. Konjac and offsets

zostropzOctober 25, 2005

I was going to dig up my Konjac's today, but I noticed long runners instead of just little bulbs (offsets). My question is do I break these off the big tuber and do I do it where it attaches to the big tuber? Some of these are 4 or 5 inches or more long. Also, if there are still white roots, am I diging them up too soon? How do I know exactly when I should dig them up?



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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hi Mark, When the leaf dies down dig it up.

As for the offsets. konjac produces rhizomatous offsets rather than offsets attached to the mother like paeoniifolius. You can cut them off at the mother tuber and in most cases the long runner will not last, but the small tuber at the end will be what grows next year. In zone 10 I'd just leave it in the ground and save the hassle to be honest :o) Dan

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