Ever heard of Azaleas Re-blooming in one year???

gardengnomegirl(8)July 17, 2006

This fantastic row of many different Azaleas came with the house. I knew nothing about them except that my grandma loved them. I'm new at gardening so, I watch ALOT of gardening shows. One said to pour unsweetened tea on them...so, I did..ALOT of tea!! hehe! One said, to pull off spent flowers, I did! One said NOT to cut back heavily..but, I did anyhow because I couldn't see over them. Well, every year, these plants have only bloomed in the spring. Only this year, have I used those 2 tips.

I don't know what I did right but, it is JULY in GA and these are blooming and budding again! Is this normal???

I am the only one in my neighborhood with blooming Azaleas!SO weird!

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The previous owner or the builder of the house probably planted Encore Azaleas. They will have a large flush of flowers in the Spring and two smaller ones in the summer and the Fall. There is a smaller number of other types of azaleas that do this but the Encore Series is probably the best known. Luis

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I found a list of rebloomers that I had from last year: Bloomin' Again, Doug's Delight, Northern Hi Lights, Opal, Red Ruffles, Rose Queen, California Sunset. The variety, geographical location and weather are some of the
things that make them re-bloom. Some rebloom consistently, some only bloom heavily in the spring and some only bloom heavily in the fall.

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