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NVL4July 20, 2014

Is there an Azalea (or rhododendrons but I think they might all be too big) that doesn't lose it's leaves -or at least not all of them, can take nearly full sun and stays relatively small? A yellow, white or truly purple - not magenta bloom would be ideal. I don't care when it bloom. Thank you!

Oh and relatively small would be 3X3 max.

* edited to add that I am in NC, about 1 hour SE of Raleigh. We are new to the area but I think we are considered in the 'coastal plains' area and are an 8a or possibly 8b.

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Reading the other posts I wonder if the one mentioned in post about planting a florists azalea outside would work? I googled " White Rosebud Azalea" and it's 10 year growth is 3 feet though I am a little worried that it might get too much sun . I do plan to plant a tree that would shade that area eventually though.

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There are many, many rhododendrons and azaleas - which are also botanically rhododendrons - that meet your criteria (but see below aboout sun exposure) although there are not nearly as many yellows as there are whites and purples. Pruning will be necessary to keep any of them at 3 x 3 feet long term, but that's very easy to do. Large nurseries such as Rarefind, Greer Gardens, Whitney Gardens have online catalogs which give extensive information about a vast number of varieties.

As for Rosebud and White Rosebud, these are hybrids created by Joseph Gable and are not florist azaleas. The conclusion that the plant referenced in the posts you mentioned is Rosebud was based entirely on the flower appearance and could well be another variety entirely.

Full direct sun in Z8 would be very difficult for almost any rhododendron. Afternoon shade would be far better.

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Thank you so much for the reply and info. My reference to the other post was just to say that is where I saw the plant description and started researching it. Whether the OP 'florist azalea' actually turns out to be a rosebud or not isn't really of importance to me - ( though it is interesting to know)just that I appreciated the post and potential plant choice.

Thank you for the resources/nurseries.

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