What is the best preventative for spider mites?

reptailsNovember 6, 2007

It's time to move my aroids indoors for the winter. I have built an indoor greenhouse in my outbuilding and would like to know the best prevention for spider mites. I haven't noticed them yet, but sure they will come.

I've read several suggestions of misting with an alchohol and water mixture. Is this safe for aroids? I have also read that oil treatments are effective, but it sounds like a laborious task with 60-70 plants treating each leaf. I would like to stay away from harsh chemicals if at all possible.

I keep the room at 70-75 degrees. I will also put in a humidifier to keep the humidity up. What level should I maintain?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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bihai(zone 9)

Most insecticides that are not dedicated "miticides" only "control" spidermites, they don't eliminate them.

There is a miticide available to the home gardener, its called KELTHANE. It does work, I use it, BUT....it doesn't eradicate mites like you would think it should. They will pop back out if you aren't looking, usually somewhere else on some other plant than the one you treated.

I use a double-pronged technique in my greenhouse that seems to work well (and I have well over 75 plants, LOL, more like over 1500 plants).

I spray infestations with Kelthane, ONCE, when I first notice them, and I spray not just the infested plant, but everything within a 2 ft radius. This is for quick knockdown.

Then, a day or 2 later, I re-spray that same area and a little further out (maybe a 3-4 ft radius) with Neem Oil.

This works very well for me personally.

The only way to really eradicate mites, I have been told by others, is to invest in the predator mites, but that's more involved and expensive

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