Amorphophallus. Growing season length.

BombardierNovember 13, 2013

Hi guys,

I was wondering what sort of length of growing (active) season is sufficient for amorphs to grow and mature well.

I live in Newcastle, NSW, and my amorphs have just showed up above the surface.It is going to take them 3-4 weeks to grow and then they will have left about 4 months as by the end of April they usually die off.

Guys who had reasonable success growing amorphs, How long do your plants usually last?

Thanks in advance.

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Here in N.Y. my 'Konjac' plants start waking up in late winter and flop over in early fall.

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u r down r going into your early summer..
as tommy non "tropical" amorphs wake up around late feb..if mature size bloom early april.. i pot my corms up around early may..they go outside..until mid oct..then inside for resting..
the "tropical" amorphs run on there own routine..and it can be anything..if found..LOL :) my titanums are all over the map.. i have 2 in dormancy right now.. 6 in full vegetative stage..and 2 that are just barely comming out of dormancy.. my hewittii seem to follow similar pattern..
?? what ones are u growing???
theres a guy in darwin,NT that posts here..he grows a TON of tropicals,and many amorphs..up there paeonifollius grows wild..lucky guy!!! :)

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I've got pretty standard set of them. 1 Paeonifolius,2 Konjacs, 1 Muellieri, 1 Bulbifer, 2 Symonianuses and 1 Abyssinicus or so it was sold as.

Had Muellieri and Bulbifer for a few years but without much success. Last year had them all indoors as there is nowhere to hide from the sun in our backyard. They didn't like it. The room was too hot and dry. On top of it had fungus gnats as well. Ended up with almost twice smaller bulbs. Thinking of trying to expose Paeonifolius and Konjacs to as much sun as possible. They are crops after all.

We rent our place so having to move house from time to time doesn't really help the process. Definitely going to expand when we buy our own place.

Seems like it is not much of a problem to get an amorphophallus in Aus. There are 3 or 4 guys who constantly sell them on australian ebay. Good variety of them.

We had to move once from NSW to Darwin, climate difference really messed up amorphs I had back then. Some time later moved downsouth again with the same negative effect.

Anyway, Thanks for replies.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I was reading it and missed you being from NSW, I thought it said NH...
I was thinking what a terrible schedule!
Your reverse of me, so I guess that's ok.

I'd say your bet is more sun, make sure the soils good and rich too, and certainly don't let em get too dry, that'll cut the season short for sure!

Bulbs doubling, tripling, or even multiplying its weight 5 times over!

Most of mine more than tripled this year!

I'm not sure if your real clear on their life cycle, if so, don't mind me...if you need more I'm sure we can fill you in.

So, the bulb you plant thus year, will make a leaf, that leaf will eat that bulb as it grows, at the point the leaf is fully formed and mature the bulb will be almost completely consumed, all that remains will be a mushy rotten raisin.
From there the growth shifts back to the bulb, and that leaf will begin to grow a new bulb.
If all goes well that bulb will be bigger the next year, and produce a bigger leaf, that bigger leaf should produce a bigger bulb, and so on.

I think that what's happening with you is that the plants just don't get enough sun, that totally breaks the cycle and the best the leaf can do is producing an ever smaller bulb.
That leaf is consuming more energy in the couple if weeks of growth than it can produce over the span of a season!
I could be wrong, there's several other things that could cause it too, poor soil, heavy soil that rots the roots, over watering that rots the roots, bug infestations in the goes on.

My money's on lack of light, causing inadequate photosynthesis.

Good luck, keep us posted, we'll be glad to help along the way!

Most of us in the states are bored to death by winter already.

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?? anyones thoughts on relationship to light intensity
and height obtained with amorphs??
my experience is the higher the intensity of light less thinking im edging near out of being able to
argue this..LOL :) thinking much energy can the
leaves actually take in.. it cant be limitless..??and how does that relate to
1.vegetative growth height
2. absorption of nutrients by the corm..and + or - on
size of corm developement..
??? sure love some thoughts on this???
thanks...:) titanums are doing great.. yea.. havent killed them.. :)

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Not too sure about nutrients and energy but from engineering point of view more exposure to sun means:
1) a plant doesn't need to stretch upwards
2) less shielding from the surroundings which means exposure to the wind
3)shorter and thicker stem is able to withstand wind better

Couple of months ago took one of my bulbs to work to show off but after it sprouted I had to take it back home because of lack of sun light in the office it grew as long and as thin as a noodle.


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