starting Dracunculis vulgaris from seed

braspadya(z7a MD)November 15, 2005

Has anyone on this forum ever grown Dracunculis up from seed? Any tips for doing so?



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angelo(z9b Italy)

Not so difficult and pretty similar to sowing Arum spp.
Soak the seeds overnight and plant in a peat-sand mix or any good sowing mix. If you start them now indoor, will have a longer growing season, getting a bigger tuber at the end of the first season. Not all seeds will germinate the first year, however. If you keep the pot for another season, the following year the ungerminated ones will come up too.

good luck

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Does the dracunculum produce berries like the arum (maculatum)?

I got some seeds/berries in a trade, and was told to just plant the entire cluster of berries together, which is what I did. Did I mess up? Was this incorrect information?

Also, isn't dracunculus vulgarum the same as sauramatum?


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angelo(z9b Italy)

Susan, you didn't get a very good advice as it was better to remove the pulp (just squeezing the berries) and wash the seeds and then sow. Actually the berries fall on the ground and pulp is removed from ants and other insects, but rains will contribute to decompose it however. You will get some germination anyway.

Dracunculus and Sauromatum are two very different genus.
Dracunculus vulgaris is from Eastern mediterranean and is winter-spring growing, Sauromatum is from India and it's summer growing.


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braspadya(z7a MD)


Thanks very much for your advice. The seeds are potted up in the greenhouse & we'll see how the rest progresses!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

Ahem, I am the one that gave bad advice (!?) regarding planting Aroid seed with the pulp still on. I plant my seed with the pulp on on the ground outside in the fall as the pulp will decompose during the winter along with being eaten by insects, slugs etc.
I do clean seed if I store it for spring time planting to avoid mold/fungus formation.

Susan - I know I told you to plant the berries in the ground as I was thinking of the above scenario...
You can clean the seed or plant it directly as I have had excellent results either way.

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I'm okay with it, KA. I planted as you suggested, and the tubers as well. It's been pretty dry here, so perhaps the pulp has just dried and withered.

I found a place that has Arisaema serratum seed for sale. Has anyone tried it?


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