Is 'Elie Beauvillain' fragrant?

vmr423July 16, 2014

I am not going to buy any roses* until I figure out where my RU Summer Sale roses are going in the ground, and until I have a clue about what's going on with my 10 (ten!) rescue roses.

Howsomever, a girl's gotta dream, and while I think about what I might eventually purchase, I'm curious about 'Elie Beauvillain', and does she have some fragrance, moderate fragrance, strong fragrance or heavenly fragrance to die for?

I'm guessing that if the last possibility were true, there would be at least some mention at HMF about her scent, but I see nothing at all, so I turn to you knowledgeable rose fiends to sort me out.

I know she has a reputation for being finicky, but I also hear that she loves heat and humidity, and I can provide those.


*Like Mr. Wilde, I can resist everything but temptation...

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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

My Elie is still in a pot but has had several flushes of flowers. To my nose she has a moderate tea fragrance but my nose is not the greatest for detecting tea scents. Very pretty flowers though.


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Thanks, Diane- my nose isn't all that reliable either, but I'm glad to hear that she has some fragrance.

The flowers are very much what I love in a rose...


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Can Elie Beauvillain be tamed periodically as a tall shrub?
Is anyone growing her free standing or unsupported?

I'm considering planting in front of my brick wall.

Alas, is it moderately fragrant?

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I guess not many of you have this rose.
Will it still flower if I keep it at a medium height?
I'm trying to avoid tying it to a structure.

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mauvegirl, I can't answer your question, but you might want to contact the folks at ARE to ask about 'EB' and whether she must climb or if she will tolerate being shrubbed.

If you get a response, please share- I'd love to know, too.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Here is a link that might be useful: ARE link to info about 'Elie Beauvillain'

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Their website usually states if it can be grown as "either" but it just says climber for Elie.

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I tried to find out the same thing before i bought Elie, noses seem to give conflicting views.
Bought mine through Burling's nursery, positively Elie as the blooms were identical to Help Me Find website photos.
A very slight fragrance from my little plant. Before winter I got nervous about Elie surviving in my cold zone, so she took a trip to a friends home. Unless I see her again it will remain to be seen what a mature plant is capable of. In your warmer climate I bet it is a world of difference.
Coloration of the blooms reminded me of sea shells.
In one of Paul Barden's writings he called her to be among great roses like E Veyrat Hermanos. It would be interesting if anyone could ask him what he thinks of the fragrance.

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mauvegirl, the website description is suggestive, but maybe not definitive... I'm hoping that someone who actually grows (or has grown) 'EB' as a mature plant will chime in here about shrubbiness.

I did do an image search to see if I could find any photos that might show 'EB' being grown as a shrub, but no dice- the photos- understandably- were mostly of her gorgeous blooms...

damaskline, thanks for the info on fragrance, though I agree that a warmer climate- and possibly a more mature plant- could make a big difference. What zone are you in, BTW? I hope you get to visit your rose at your friend's house, and maybe report back on fragrance and growth habit.


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