Some pictures from last spring.

KristiePDX(8b, sunset 6)July 15, 2012

I bought my house in 2010. The rhodies had never been cared for and were a tangled mess of mixed dead and live growth. I cleaned them up from the inside out and pruned them to more of a tree form. They all had growth reaching the ground. Here they are after 2 years. Looking good so far, wish I took more photos when they were in bloom. The were outstanding walls of color. Here are just a few on my lot. Hope you like!

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these are beautiful, love how the bark looks like cape myrtles, the last image gives the impersonation of a southern magnolia.

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Oh they're LOVELY! Can I ask how you posted more than one pic in your post. I can't seem to make that happen and end up posting one pic in each post instead.

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KristiePDX(8b, sunset 6)

Thanks for the comments. It is easy to post multiple pictures. What I did was download the pictures to a Photobucket account. then I copied the HTML code from the picture I wanted to post and pasted the code in the text field of the new post. It looks like you are just posting letters and numbers but when you check preview you can see the picture. You can post several html codes one after the other, (like a list).

I hope this helps you. I know how confusing it can be when trying to post pictures to gardenweb.

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