My azaleas blooming a second time? But not Encore's?

gardenapprenticeJuly 25, 2012

I had some azaleas planted this February. They bloomed like usual in TN around April/Mid March. Then in June I saw the buds form as they were brown. Now its the end of July and the Azalea buds have swelled and have the pink tips, and a few have bloomed! To add to that the whole bush did not have those big pear sized buds, as only roughly 10% of the bush has buds that are ready to burst. Don't get me wrong I love the pink/red blooms. But, its about August now, will they form buds for next season, they already used that extra energy to bloom this second flush. Even though its a few buds, They were in the same spot were 2-3 blossoms formed and emerged. I really want to know if they can make a third set of buds.

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

This is probably bud blast, which is inappropriate blooming the summer before you expect it. The buds for next spring form during this summer, so these will take away from next years bloom. This can be caused by an early spring, a wet spring followed by a dry spell, and other factors that trick the plants. Here in PA we had a hot spell in late winter. This tricked many plants to do weird things.

Encore azaleas are expected to bloom in spring and then again in the summer, but the bloom is never really good. Even though they form buds all summer, there just aren't enough buds to have a good show.

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I'm rethinking the azaleas I chose. They were ata nursery, and had no tags on them, the nursery was going to move to another state and everyone was buying out the plants. Lucky me no one bothered the azaleas. Their were 10 perfect ones, no tags though. All 100% condition I picked them carefully because theyre were orange, purple, white, pink, orange, and red. I'm sure they must be encore's I'm looking at the bush now, and see more pink buds forming atleast 1/3 of the bush is covered in the buds, I see some other buds that are brown, possibly for next year. 2 of the buds opened today, very happy.

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