Please help with sick PJM

upstategirl_zn5(5)July 10, 2006

Hello, I have not posted before but I am very worried about my PJMs. I have three lovely PJMs that were planted while in bloom early this spring. In upstate NY, we have had a ton of rain and the plants were doing beautifully and have nearly doubled in size. But now, there are many reddish and yellowish leaves with dry looking brown spots on them. Many of these leaves are dropping off. Could this be rust? Insects? What can I do to help the problem?

I am so worried about my lovely PJMs!

Thank you so much!

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Red-brown or plain brown spots sound like leaf spot. Very common when the weather gets humid but goes away when the dry summer weather arrives. I would throw away the dead leaves in the trash, clean up plant debris that may harbor spores, replace the mulch with new mulch and make sure there is good ventilation around the plant.

With all the rain, you need to also be careful of the possibility of root rot. Make sure the soil is not wet wet or that it remains wet because that can cause root rot; luckily for you, PJM is highly resistant Phytophthora crown rot.

Since we are in the summer months, flower buds production has probably started so now is the time to maintain the soil moist and not fertilize until next Spring. Fertilizer added now will just stress the plant some more, make it grow tender leaves that will not survive the winter months and can even cause a problem called bark split.

Let us know if you notice any other new symptoms.


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