Putting a Florist Azalea Outside

czygyny(8)July 12, 2014

I received an interesting azalea as a gift due to a death in the family. It is an oddball with little rose shaped flowers. It's stopped blooming now, but I want to know if it would be better to plant it in the fall or wait until winter to transplant outside. Our climate is hot and dry in the summer but relatively mild in the winter (20� for short periods of time) but not sure if they could do with a relatively warm period to establish. I know about soil prep, but since they are a tough plant in our area, climate wise, I thought I'd better ask.

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This is most likely a so-called florist's azalea. These are not at all likely to survive if planted out. Why not put it outside in its pot during the summer and enjoy it indoors for the winter? With proper care - including repotting when necessary- florists azaleas can live for a very long time,

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I actually was successful in getting another florists azalea to grow outside, but it wasn't easy to get it established. This one I'd like to make sure it survives, but I have a lot of other plants that already need to be brought in in the winter. I've never seen this type with the little rose shaped flowers. The only thing I don't like about the plant is the genetics that twist up the flowers make the foliage look unhappy, but it seems to be doing just fine.

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If you want to make sure it survives, let it grow some more in a pot/container, propagate it via cuttings and then transplant the children plants to the ground when the new plants are old enough, keeping the original shrub in the container. Look at pictures of an azalea called Rosebud to see if it resembles the one that you have. There is also another similar one called White Rosebud (with white flowers that have a green dot in the center).

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Yes, the flowers look very much like the 'Rosebud' according to an image search.Thanks for the info!
I can't put it or anything in the ground for a long time, at any rate. It's been the driest and hottest California summer I can remember, in my five decades of life!

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