rhododendron catawbiense didn't bloom

lafu115(7)July 5, 2012

I have two rhododendron catawbiense that I planted in May 2011. That first year they bloomed lightly -- already blooming in the containers when I bought them. They seem to be healthy and have grown, but they didn't bloom this year. I used Hollytone this spring. I have not pruned them. Is there anything else I can do to help ensure they bloom next year? They get plenty of sun -- full sun all afternoon, which made me hesitant to plant them in this location, but I read this type can take a lot of sun. I am just wondering why they didn't bloom.

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It's very common for rhododendons to not bloom the year after planting. Most of their energy is going into root and top growth rather than flower buds. Wholesale growers use various means - high doses of fertilizer, full sun plus timed watering - to produce plants with lots of flower buds in their containers so that their sales appeal is maximized. Once they're in the ground they resume a more normal growth pattern. You may have to wait another year or more for blooms.

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