Azalea or something else?

misobentoJuly 31, 2012

Decided to purchase an unmarked 'mystery' plant that was in the discount bin. It reminded me a little of my Karen Azalea, so thought maybe it was another looks like it had blooms.

Anyhow, maybe it isn't even an azalea, it'll be interesting to see what blooms in spring!

any thoughts?

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It definantly is an azalea. And by the looks of it in spring it had beautiful blooms.

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Thanks garden apprentice! It was only $3 because it was unmarked and no one knew what it was, LOL. It'll be fun to see what I get next spring! :)

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It looks to me like it might be a small leafed rhododendron, a lepidote. An example would be 'PJM'. If it is a small leafed rhody, then it probably blooms in the early spring and has small purplish flowers (about 1" across).

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