Dracunculus vulgaris

ironiousNovember 19, 2007

I got this bulb today from a guy on ebay. It came in dirt and had real long white roots. Isnt this tuber supposed to be dry by this time of year? What should I do with it? Should I put it back into the dirt or set it on a shelf where it will dry?


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I have been growing them here in Tn. (zone 6) for about 7 years and they are hardy here. They go dormant during the summer but when the weather starts to cool they will start growing new roots and a growth tip. I keep mine in the ground or in pots in the garage this time of year. The only time I dig them is when they are dormant.
I would say no, they are not suppose to be dry this time of year. I would plant it if I were you.

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Okay thanks! I got another one from a nursery resently. it was in a package hanging from a hook and it is completely dry with no roots at all. I should plant that one too then?

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