My Little Sauromatum Venosum (aka Typhonium)

susanlynne48(OKC7a)November 14, 2005

Several weeks ago - more like a couple of months, I posted that one of the little bulbs of this plant had sprouted a leaf outdoors. There were 3 or 4 of them in a little 4" pot, covered with sphaghnum moss. I wasn't expecting that!

I went ahead and planted all of them, including the one with the sprouted leaf. I was looking at my garden yesterday, and that little leaf is still there, gotten a tad bigger, but shows no sign of going dormant at all.

Isn't this a little bit odd?


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balberth(Z9 CA, USA)

Not that odd - I'd guess you've not had a hard freeze there yet?

The poor little guys thought it was spring for some reason and started growing. Now that it's cold out, they're confused. They want to grow, but it's not warm enough - they'll try to tough it out, but the leaf will eventually freeze or rot.

This is a problem that a lot of Amorphophallus have in my area growing outside - it doesn't get cold enough fast enough to shock them into dormancy, so they attempt to soldier on through the mild winters and eventually succumb to rot. I've found that for some species, I need to withold water to force them into dormancy about this time of the year.

I've noticed that most years I get a few Typhonium venosum tubers, mostly small ones, that try this sprouting in autumn trick. I _think_ they usually end up going dormant and surviving when it gets cold enough. T. venosum is a really tough cookie.


Here is a link that might be useful: Albert's Greenhouse

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I agree with Albert..not that unusual. I'll bet if you dig the little guy up you will find he is not that little anymore. These guys grow very fast and if it had 2 months then it will have turned into a little beefcake. I think this is more typical of Amorphs in my experience...they decide around Sept 1 that it is the perfect time to grow and then you are stuck with the decision do I let them grow and put them under a grow light inside or do I just not water and force them to stay dormant. My T. venosum all got annoyed with the weather here a few weeks ago and went down. Best of luck :o) Dan

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Thanks, guys! Tonight will be our first hard freeze. Supposed to get down to 28*, so it will probably get the idea. Although the ground won't be frozen yet. Some years in Oklahoma, it never does freeze, like last year.


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