Too many Calla Lilies

ctk16November 25, 2008

A long time ago I broke up a 5 gallon pot of calla lilies and planted them in a flower bed. For years they didn't do much, but in the last 3 years they have been growing and multiplying like crazy. There are new shoots EVERYWHERE... in my lawn, under bushes, between planter stones.

Any suggestions?

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No suggestions ...I'm having a similar experience. I bought a house with some Calla lilies in one corner and suddenly they are EVERYWHERE!

I think they should be listed as an invasive.

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perhaps i should give you my cat for a weekend and voila!invasive turned endangered! lol

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txmom(North Texas)

Actually have heard that some places categorize them as a weed. They really need to be in containers to control them, I believe

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

Hey I'm in for a trade. And I've never tried calas, how about it?
Angellily you crack me up !!!! I would send some squirrels they do the same thing. LOL

check my list see if there is anything that might interst you.

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Just send them to me. (*grin*)

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