Chenyi nursery

wainui(Wellington N.Z.)November 16, 2005

Has anyone got the latest e-mail address for chenyi nursery in Bejing. Thanks.

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You can use, which is listed on her website,, but don't expect an immediate response. They are at the height of their shipping season and it may be weeks or months before they respond, if they do respond!
Good luck!

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lauraann(z7/z8 wa)

Hello Wainui,
Are you able to get through to Chen Yi with that address?
Year after year the address doesn't work for me (mail returned undeliverable) and I have to fax.
Anyone know what's up?

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greg17086(z6b PA)

Hello, I have emailed Chenyi at that email address several times this fall, and she has replied to me, so I know that it works. Maybe there is some setting on your computer or your email that won't allow the email to go through to a foreign address. But I don't know, as I'm far from a computer expert. Hope this helps.


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loretta5_gw(Z6 PA)

Chen-Yi wrote me a few days ago from an email address different from the one above. I can't post that email address on the GardenWeb but will send it to you if you write me.

However, Greg could be correct when he says your email server may be blocking your mail to foreigh addresses. You might call them to check.


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I have very poor germination rate with the arisaema tubers i had bought from Chenyi nursery. Their prices are very attractive and the tubers are large and appear healthy on arrival which are planted soon after but barely 10 to 12% comes out later. I am at z5 and although some of the tubers grow up to be of another specie much different from their labels, those that i can recognize as the right specie still has a very low germination rate but do come back the next spring(second spring).

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this is a follow up question on my posting. i would like to know the other gardeners' experience on these tubers from chenyi if possible and what may i be doing wrong in my plantings. thanks.

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