what's your favorite calla / zantedeschia?

quakey(z8/sunset4)December 1, 2005

Hi, all. I am a fan of calla lilies, and have been growing them for about two years now, with mixed results. The common Z. aethiopica does well of course, but some of the smaller colored ones (especially blacks I've tried such as Black Forest and Midnight Eclipse) seem less than vigorous. (I swear the tubers got smaller rather than larger.) Millenium Gold on the other hand doubled or tripled the number of flowering size tubers over the course of a single year!

So, I'm curious: what's your favorite type? What have you had particular luck with?

Thanks for any input!

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

My favorites are Neroli, which I guess you would call an apricot color; and Purple Haze, which is purple with yellow edges. I had a lot of Midnight Eclipse in 2004 and they were a fantastic mottled purple or purple with grey/silver, but they got a rot towards the end of the year and didn't survive well. I had a hard time finding them in 2005 and they didn't do anything this year either so I'm giving up on that variety.

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Thanks! I'll try Purple Haze (if I can find it) as that sounds like an interesting color combo.

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