Alocasia x portora- how big for you in zone 5?

cheerpeopleDecember 21, 2005

I have been assured that what I have is the real thing from two different sources. So I'm quite surprised that now a few years later it is still 1/4 the size of my odora.

My odora is also the same age.

I'm thinking they are both happy. odora bloomed and had 2 pups-and portora produced 6 pups. The pups were removed to encourage large growth and still 2 years later- it's 16 inches tall to 24" depending on the season. It's very slow growing compaired to my other alocasia and colocasia.

Does anyone in a cold zone have this (as a houseplant for winter) and outside for summer- and it so. how big is this for you?

Has anyone tried letting it go barebulb dormant for a long winter? Did it do ok?

I'm thinking it just hates living here...



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Letting it go barebulb & dormant- I'm always reluctant to let any Alocasia that doesn't have at least a golfball size rhizome go dormant, but golfball sized or larger x portora can easily be stored dry for at least six months.
The main trick here is to keep it warm enough at night in early spring to root and break dormancy- a propagation or heat mat is very helpful to get them going.


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Thx again Keiko, You are so knowlegable.

I will toss this in the basement and try again next summer. I get disappointed every time I see it and it's recipe card sized leaves. The root is much larger than a golf ball this year. It should be fine down there until June when our last frost is past..

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I'm assuming you mean Portodora. Well, it gets huge in Zone 7. I put it outside last April and left it in a pot. It was small in the autumn of 2004. By frost this year, the leaves were larger than macrorrhiza (over 36" long and 6 feet tall) and elegantly scalloped. As soon as I have enough plants, I'll plant some in the yard and retain some in a pot to test for hardiness.

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