Probelms with small plants, C. gigantea

oxmyx(6)December 10, 2007

Hi, new to this forum, Usually I can be seen over at Brugmansias forum...

I purchased 2 Thailand Colocasia Gigantea from an online vendor. The plants were small and had two leaves each. They are not doing so well.. leaves have yellowed and shriveled and one plant has rottend at the tuber. Dug both up, there were in peat pellets, place in a 2 inch container. After I took away all the dead material, one of the tubers has a growing tip, and the tuber is firm but no roots. I would like to save it since I spent 8.00 a piece, and need a head start, here in Connecticut in order to get decent sized plants next year.

I have them in the kitchen under Fluoresecnt lights, with a humidfier. I keep them moist. It is a bit cool at night.

Does anyone know what might be the problem, and how best to treat the one salvagagable tuber?

What is the consensus of oppinion on indoor cultivation, here on this forum?

Also I have a Alocasia Macrorrhiza, which also does not look good, although I see new white roots.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

Set them on a heat mat. Bottom heat would probably help all of them. Maybe you're keeping them a bit too moist if they're rotting, also.
I know that my macrorrhizas and my calidoras prefer humid atmosphere, drier roots during the winter.

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