Help! Holes in Rhody Leaves

yewmongerAugust 13, 2014

Hi All,

I think there's at least one other posting here about a similar problem, but I couldn't view the photo(I also didn't like the answers!), so I'm going to post pics of mine. I'm in SE Michigan.

This large group of holes appeared very suddenly, although I think I had noticed a few isolated holes previously. Note that there is one leaf in the lower center of the pic that is definitely chewed - I see that once in a while, don't know whether it's related to the holes or not.

All the holes are in new growth leaves, I don't see any holes in older leaves. I recently put pine mulch(from my own trees) around this plant, and I have sprayed it a few times this summer with a generic Ortho Fungus & Insect killer. Please help!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Those holes are too few and too small to worry about.
Even so, check the undersides now and then to determine if anything is currently chomping.

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Thanks for the reassurance. What would I be looking for on the undersides? Big bug? Small? I have noticed some very small ant-like creatures on some leaves.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

when i see holes that are mirror image on each side of a vein ... it makes me think the bug attacked before the leaf unfurled ...

otherwise that is one artistic bug ...

you have to look under the leaves.. we can not intuit what to tell you to look for ...

regardless... lower left on pic.. the new shoot is spotless .. to me.. that means the culprit is gone ...

if and when you see damage to the new growth.. is when to look for such ... [the holes are not in new growth, as defined by the picture provided ]


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Thanks much, Ken. You're, right, when I said 'new' I meant new in the last month or so, not the newest. However, the holes did appear just in the last day or so. I actually looked at the plant on Monday and they weren't there.

I'm just really worried because I almost lost the plant due to my negligence in failing to cover it during the extreme cold last winter. It lost about 80-90% of it's leaves. Happy to say, as you can see, it's growing like crazy now

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