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geostv(Antigua, Guatemala)December 28, 2006

Hello, i bought an anthurium yesterday and its crown is above the soil it is planted in. (see photo at LINK). When I pot this guy up, should I leave the crown above the soil, or cover it. I know anthuriums are semi-epiphytic so i am thinking its probably best to leave the crown uncovered. thanks

Here is a link that might be useful: photo of crown

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I'd plant it at about the same level.Not sure what type on Anthurium it is but looks like the creeping type.
If so ,they grow mostly out of the pot anyway lol.
Would think in your location you'd be able to grow them completely epiphytic.
There are soooo many type with different growing habits.


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I must say I've often admired some of those smaller more miniature anthuriums I usually see offered in garden centers here, when I recall how a seed grown and unknown species I had grew into a huge specimen , which outgrew my ceilings, though as a rule I tend to think , "The bigger , the better" since I do like the larger flowers of the larger cultivars and species. I do notice as well, some tned to grow more in a low growing rosette , which tends to make me think they don't get very tall or stretch as my most likely "epiphitic" one did. Sad to say , cutting that one back to a few inches of the soil, did it in, and though I always thought most aroids would grow new shoots very easily, not so with that one, nor did any of the cuttings root, to keep it going. That one was planted in a very quick draining , but moisture retentive, mostly peat based potting mix with extra perlite.

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Could you post a photo of the leaf structure of your anthurium? Depending on the species it may be just fine to repot it with more of the roots covered although if it is infact epiphytic it will soon regrow them all above the soil line. There are numerous epiphytic as well as terrestrial species from your part of Central America so a full photo may give us a better clue as to the species and how it wants to grow. Generally, anthuriums prefer very loose, porous soil so you might want to consider a mixture of soil, peat, and orchid potting media to keep it loose.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Exotic Rainforest

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geostv(Antigua, Guatemala)

Instead of a picture, I can tell you the name. Most nurseries her ein Guatemala aren't really into Latin names, but the nursery7 i bought this at uses Latin names, what a relief! It was sold as anthurium andreanum - rojo (red). That's about as good as it gets here, but the trade off is most plants cost between 50 cents and 3 dollars! Thanks

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I must say , the one unidentified one I had had leaves very simiar to the one mentioned, but was huge by comparison, and I have found some that seem to approximate it relative to the size of the leaves, but with no flower pictures I'm not sure ? The flowers being large and very colorful did resemble the ones most often used as cut flowers in the exotic flower trade however, but the andreanum is supposed to be much smaller in stature. Mine had leaves perhaps 1 1/2 ft. long by a foot wide, and was up to the ceiling, when I cut it back. Bright red , glossy red spathes that were also heart shaped.

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Anthurium andreanum is probably the most commonly sold species available. Many hybrid variations have been created from this species and are the ones often sold in Hawaii with a large number of common names. One of the most popular ever sold in Hawaii is known as Anthurium 'obaki'. That isn't a scientific name, it is a cultivar name. This one can be planted with the roots under the soil but will regrow them above the soil line in time.

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It appears that the computer system of Garden Web now thinks I am a business trying to promote my company on this site. I sense that due to some recent things that pop up. The Exotic Rainforest website is not a business. You'll find from a link directly on our homepage we offer information. The number of plants we sell each year is tiny. Just clikc the link "Plants Offered" and you can read our stated policy.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Exotic Rainforest

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I was recently assisted by some of the most knowledgeable aroid growers in North America in writing a tutorial for growing Anthurium species. You may find this link useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Anthurium Species

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