Looking for a narrow rhodo

juliebean(z6 MD)August 13, 2005

I'm considering a white or light pink flowered rhododendron for a somewhat narrow bed. I'd like the plant to not exceed 3' at maturity, although it can get up to 5' tall. I've been pouring through lists of rhodos, but most give 10 year sizes only and then only heights and I'm not sure if these are actually mature sizes (or at least 20 year sizes). I like some of the yakus and yaku hybrids, but have seen conflicting 10 year sizes (some say 3' some say 4' wide and 4' is too big for a 3' wide bed).

I'd also consider any rhodos with very light blue or purple flowers. Any suggestions? Also, how well do rhodos do with pruning if, for example, I tried to keep a plant naturally growing to 4' wide down to 3'?


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for lavender, how about 'elsie lee'? it is taller than wide in my garden, blooms later in the season and would be hardy for you.
i don't have a photo of the entire plant but did post a pic of the flowers some time back. it can be seen at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'elsie lee'

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

I would go with the small leaved rhodos. A yearly pruning after flowering could keep them to the size you want. I have a pink Olga in a 3-foot bed and it is now 4 ft high. PJM across the walk is older and I am keeping that trimmed to 5 ft. Dora amateis is a lovely white.

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