Rh. dauricum var. 'Album'

ego45(6bCT)August 28, 2005

I'm wondering if it stays evergreen or at least semi-evergreen in z6?

Not much info could be found on a net except that it's hardy to -20F and very early bloomer.

Also, it said to be 'sun tolerant'.

That shouldn't be an issue for me, as those limited full sun spaces still available in a garden are not intended for rhododendrons, but I'm rather worry if it NEED full sun or could happily grow and bloom in dappled sun as all rhodies do.

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MRDan(z5 PA)

Mine drops most of its leaves, but in your zone you may see them stay on. Most dauricums need 4-6 hours of sun for good bloom.

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

You don't need a favored spot in the garden for Dauricum. It's going to bloom in March when everything is still leafless. Leave that sunny spot to a plant that "loves it" in that medium.

I lost my Dauricum 'Alba', a 4'er no less, a few years ago. So strange as it was doing well for years.

But for any early bloomers that I have (mucronulatums...Pink Panther, Cornell Pink et al)... well they're planted in the understory of my oaks. Come Mid May, they're ensconsed in almost full shade and they do well.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for both of you.
Let me rephrase my question if you don't mind.
No rhododendron will bloom in my garden untill last week of April.
Bloom sequence is like this:
mucronulatum, 'Olga Mezitt', poukhanense etc
All three in full sun at the time of bloom, but soon become shaded and got 1 to 2 hrs of direct sun diring the whole summer and while it seems like not much affecting blooming ability of mucronulatum and poukhanense and they bloom well, OM definitely could use some more sun.

I have catawbiense 'Boursault' in exactly the same situation and nice, full 4x5' shrub producing only 5-10 flowers per season. It has to be moved to a more sunnier spot and I was thinking to plant dauricum in that place.

So, my question is, would be dauricum performing the same way as mucronulatum and poukhanense do with such sun situation or it need more sun during the WHOLE summer to perform well next spring?

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ShirleyD(z4b WI)

Here in zone 4b my album is evergreen. I had problems with it this spring (the leaves were quilling) but it has since recovered and is doing nicely. I've only had it in the ground for 2 years now and have had no flowers yet! Its planted in a northwest location (I know, not the best site) so it gets the late afternoon sun. Buds are now forming for next year and I'm hoping to get some flowers next spring.

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Shirley, thanks for reply.
Now that you mention NorthWest location as not a best site, I should tell that not all NWs are created equal.
In my particular setting, NW is the best place to grow broadleaf evergreens, they don't get winter sunburns that so often occur in E or SE positions and they are protected from the winds as well, while my E exposure is much more open in a winter and I have to resort to wilt-proof for even established plants.
As a flower buds production I could say that 3hrs of late afternoon sun is sufficient for all my rhodies that are there to have a decent bloom.

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