Debating whether or not to add another rambler...

peachymomo(Ca 8)August 12, 2014

Last year I embarked on a big landscaping project - planting around the edges of the yard to provide privacy and something nicer than old fences to look at. Most of the things I planted are doing very well, the rambling and species roses in particular.

Over the summer I decided to have a trellis installed so I could get the roses up higher and not train them directly onto the fence. The trellis is 80' long, and so far I have Rosa gentiliana at one end, Mme. Alfred Carriere a little past the middle, and a Lonicera ciliosa between them. I'm tempted now to plant a Yellow Lady Banks at the other end, which is a relatively shady corner with trees on two sides that the Lady could climb into.

I'm debating this decision, I know that given time Mme. Alfred Carriere and Rosa gentiliana will cover 80' without a problem, but I also think that Lady Banks will probably use the trellis to get up into the trees behind it and therefore won't be competing for horizontal room too much.

For those of you with greater experience, what do you think I should do? I don't want to harm the plants by cramming too many into a small space, but I really want to see trusses of buttery yellow blossoms hanging out of those trees.

Thanks in advance!

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My yellow Lady Banks always wants to go UP, so I second your idea about planting it so that it can go up into the trees. It likes heat, so the closest you can put it to a Southern exposure would be good. Here is mine climbing up our house.


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peachymomo(Ca 8)

Wow, gorgeous rose Jackie! That is exactly why I want to find a place to plant a yellow Lady Banks.

I think I'll go ahead and plant one!

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