phasedweasel(7b)August 23, 2014

I was walking in the Sarah P Duke rose gardens (as I do almost every Saturday...) when I noticed they had added a new rose. The tag red "Maggie", which made me very excited because that was a rose I was already curious about! It was easily one of the prettiest plants in the garden, with lush foliage and an abundance of near perfect blooms. I already love bourbons, and this was an excellent example! Sure a strong cerise color, large blooms, beautiful quartering and amazing fragrance. It's very nice to preview a rose in your own climate, amd I definitely will be adding this in the spring.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Beautiful shot with that fountain in the background. I've seen many pictures of Maggie and was never really interested. Yours somehow shows a different side of hers that made me want to have her. I wonder if anyone knows whether she'd like a hot, dry climate. What am I saying? I have no room!


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I'll ditto Ingrid. I've tried Maggie before, and was disappointed with the fragrance. The foliage has that nice peppery scent, but the flowers themselves were only lightly scented to me. Maybe I can't smell Maggie.

I "replaced" her with Romaggi Plot Bourbon--same characteristics of fragrant foliage/not so fragrant flowers--but RPB takes up a lot less space.

I'd be willing to try Maggie again, though, because I'm wondering what I would get from a cross between Maggie and Romaggi Plot???

I love this picture by AmiRoses.

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vmr423(Zone 8b, SC)

This seems like an ideal chance to ask about how many found Bourbons are named "Maggie"? I see two different entries at HMF, and I'm not at all sure what to make of that.

They look similar to me, but the first photo posted here looks like the rose that is supposed to really be 'Madame Eugène E. Marlitt'. The second photo could be either one? Both are quite beautiful.

Always curious,

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I saw that too, Virginia. I think people who own the found rose are posting pictures in the Geschwind 1900 record. But I have no idea if that is another synonym for the found Maggie or not.

By the way Ingrid, you may already know this, but this rose was rediscovered here in Louisiana, in the more northerly part of the state. I seem to remember Vintage's description saying it was also found all around New Orleans, which is about 2-3 hours east of me. We get HOT here, but humid hot. It sounds, though, like people growing it in the hot and drier parts of Texas have success with it, too. So it would be one you could at least try, I think. If you ever find some room. :-) Maybe it's colors would echo your geranium/pelargonium and Wild Edric?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I have 5 Maggie roses. They are beautiful.
Maggie does get quite large compared to what I think I saw in the picture. She is around 6 feet tall, and at least that wide.


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Kes Z 7a E Tn

Such a beautiful picture of a beautiful rose! I first got 'Maggie' in 1997 when my children were young and she grew to be a big girl in less than stellar conditions- maybe 5 or so feet tall but wider than that- a good 7 ft or so. She does blackspot for me but doesn't seem overly concerned by it. I don't spray. Last winter wasn't kind to her and most of her canes died back to the ground, the first time ever since I got her. For all intents and purposes, I'm starting over, but I can't imagine not having her. For me she has a wonderful fragrance, both the leaves with a peppery smell and the flowers with a sweet old fashioned rose fragrance. It doesn't waft. I don't know how this all translates for people outside my zone, but FWIW.

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How small could Maggie be maintained? All my really large spaces are spoken for. Could you cut her back severely in early spring? This little rose in my photo seems to be blooming profusely on new wood.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

bellegallica, I also have Romaggi Plot Bourbon and it's a lovely plant, but for me the flowers are so fleeting. Maggie looks as though her blooms are so much more substantial. A cross between the two would be fascinating! Maggie's color would certainly fit well in my garden, and I love cool pinks of any saturation the most.

phasedweasel, it's been my experience that chunky large plants don't do terribly well if you cut them down and keep cutting them. Even in the picture you posted it looks obvious that Maggie will get larger very soon.


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